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Next RP is a multiplayer analogue of GTA San Andreas about life on the streets of criminal Russia. Complete interesting tasks, ride cool cars and take part in furious firefights among a huge number of real players.

Next RP features

  • A lot of weapons for every taste,
  • Availability of text chat for gamers,
  • A large number of different missions,
  • You can add and listen to your MP3 files,
  • Purchase of nitro and tuning parts for cars,
  • A wide range of different vehicles,
  • Huge open map, complete freedom of action,
  • Support for multiplayer mode GTA SAMP RP,
  • Installing a mod for money and new cars is available,
  • Allows you to record a stream with subsequent publication on YouTube,
  • Opportunity to earn additional funds for completing secondary tasks.


  • Good graphic implementation,
  • Intuitive controls,
  • Rapidly gaining popularity in its genre,
  • Using the RP Box client (RP Box Online),
  • The ability to start the game with a random respawn,
  • High-quality sound and musical accompaniment,
  • Support for VoIp Server technology for voice communication,
  • GTA Russia supports any version of Windows from XP and above,
  • Convenient procedure for registering an account on the official website of the developer,
  • Built-in Diamond RolePlay server search system to connect to MTA Next RP Game.


  • There is a paid donation for pumping characters,
  • NextRP MTA Russia is a closed beta test, so various bugs and crashes can be observed.
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