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NickWare Essential O will diagnose the state of the system, clean it of junk files and fix errors in just a couple of mouse clicks. The program supports manual and automatic maintenance, contains monitoring and manual optimization tools.

Features NickWare Essential O

  • Analysis of system parameters, registry status, correction of problems and errors,
  • Checking PC hardware parameters, setting up devices,
  • Fix privacy and security issues,
  • Cleaning the system disk from the cache, temporary and junk files,
  • Manual configuration of Windows OS parameters using special tweaks,
  • Optimization of RAM in real time, changing process priorities,
  • Remote maintenance and monitoring of another device connected to your accounts,
  • Roll back the changes made if they caused problems in the computer.


  • Achieving maximum performance and system stability,
  • The ability to combine auto-service with manual configuration of PC parameters,
  • Easy interface, understandable to the user with any level of computer proficiency,
  • Unique intelligent technology AdaptiveCare for maintenance in the background,
  • Competent automatic setting of process prioritization (Streamline) to speed up the PC,
  • NickWare Connect module for remote monitoring and optimization of other devices within the same account,
  • The ability to control the actions of the program and roll back the system to a fully operational state if necessary,
  • The program will improve network security by closing many of the vulnerabilities necessary for the penetration of viruses, trojans and other malware.


  • Some features are only available by subscription.
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