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Nvidia GeForce ShadowPlay is a free app to record your gameplay and save it to a video file on your hard drive. Able to record materials in 4k and adjust the frame rate per second. Supports live streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and more.

Nvidia Shadowplay Features

  • Includes streaming tool,
  • Record video on the screen of a PC or laptop,
  • The ability to repeat your favorite moments,
  • Automatic and manual video capture mode,
  • GPU hardware acceleration feature for gamers,
  • Many useful settings for display quality and FPS,
  • The resulting video clips can be saved to the default folder.


  • Automatically starts when you turn on the PC,
  • Does not require installation of additional codecs,
  • The program is suitable for live broadcasts,
  • Easily activated manually, just press one of the hot keys,
  • The software supports a wide range of GeForce cards,
  • Import videos to Shadow Play from other Bandicam, Fraps and so on,
  • Built-in switch for auto-transition to optimal shooting quality,
  • Work in the background (to start, just press one button),
  • Regular software updates from the official website of Nvidia Software.


  • Nvidia Geforce Experience Shadowplay is a unique development that is only compatible with the manufacturer’s own video cards, it does not work with other video card manufacturers (Intel, Radeon Graphics).
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