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oCam is a handy program for taking screenshots and recording video from the computer screen. Able to shoot a selected area with sound and capture mouse cursor movements.


  • Mouse cursor display,
  • High quality sound recording,
  • The ability to film the gameplay,
  • Takes screenshots in JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP,
  • The ability to add a watermark to the image,
  • There is support for hot keys (combinations are available in the settings menu),
  • Allows you to record videos in AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, VOB, TS and so on.


  • Support for two monitors at the same time,
  • Availability of training materials for beginners,
  • Simple operation, interface in Russian,
  • Stable software updates from the official website,
  • A set of built-in codecs for high-quality screen capture,
  • The function of capturing the selected area of ​​the desktop and the active window,
  • The latest version of oCam 421.0 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and 8.


  • Possible crashes when working with Vista,
  • Automatic launch of the Internet Explorer browser after closing the utility.
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