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The OCCT Perestroika testing program for Windows is a powerful tool for testing the stability of your computer. With its help, you can conduct pair testing: memory – processor, or separate testing: the central processor, RAM, etc. The test results are displayed in the form of informative graphs.

Opportunities OCCT Perestroika

  • Perform automatic and manual tuning of the shader code with the ability to select the complexity of the shaders,
  • Perform testing of modern multi-core processors by choosing processor clock speeds,
  • Conduct individual or comprehensive testing of computer system components, the condition and performance of hard drives,
  • Monitor temperature, voltage, impeller rotation speed in real time.


  • Simple and understandable Russian-language interface,
  • The program is distributed completely free of charge,
  • occt test provides the ability to diagnose image artifacts in full-screen display mode,
  • Complete and accurate results are displayed as visual graphs,
  • A 64-bit testing mode has been introduced to improve performance on the corresponding operating systems.


  • Testing takes a certain amount of time, at least an hour,
  • The advanced system for setting operating parameters requires in-depth knowledge, therefore it is better for a novice user not to be flattered there,
  • Using the OCST program Rebuilding to a Windows PC on a laptop with a weak cooling system can lead to unforeseen consequences.
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