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Ocr Cuneiform

Ocr Cuneiform quickly recognizes both scanned and photographed texts. In the process of text recognition, a huge range of printed fonts is processed, while maintaining the original structure of electronic documents. The finished result obtained in the Ocr program can be sent for further work in text editors. The functionality of the utility can be compared with the more well-known program Abbyy Finereader, except that you can download Cuneiform absolutely free of charge.

CuneiForm OCR Capabilities

  • Preservation of the original font structure,
  • Possibility of optical recognition of various text documents,
  • Ability to batch process various documents,
  • Free program Cuneiform, provides fast and efficient character and text recognition,
  • Converting electronic graphic documents, as well as paper documents, into an editable form,
  • The developer of Cognitive Technologies, periodically updates the utility’s recognition algorithms,
  • Convenient interface of the Ocr Cuneiform program, has the Russian language of the menu sections,
  • Convert various text, graphic files and photocopies of faxes into editable file formats for the Microsoft Office package,
  • The latest version of the Cuneiform 12 application included adaptive content recognition,
  • Very decent optimization performance with operating systems such as Windows 7, as well as with XP, Vista,
  • Working with already recognized text involves document analysis and convenient search for tables, images, text blocks.


  • The utility of scanning, recognition and analysis of texts, can be downloaded for free,
  • High quality of recognition of text and graphic information,
  • The program’s capabilities include the processing of documents received from laser and dot matrix printers,
  • Convenient system of optical recognition of the majority of existing printed fonts,
  • Bringing any file structure into an editable format for well-known office programs and text editors,
  • A full analysis of scanned documents and a comfortable search system for an exact table, any picture or text,
  • Developers are updating their text recognition program, expanding its options,
  • Windows system is supported, including Vista, XP,
  • The recognition system is at a high level, it processes bad photocopies of faxes.


  • There are possible slowdowns of the Сuneiform program in the process of recognizing documents.
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