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The Odnoklassniki application on a computer should be installed by anyone who wants to comfortably use the rich functionality of the popular social network of the same name, chat with friends, listen to music and watch videos without opening a browser. Also, you will certainly appreciate the compact ergonomic interface of the computer version of the program.

Features Odnoklassniki for PC

  • Play built-in mini games,
  • Create music playlists,
  • Upload photos in high quality,
  • Listen to your favorite music in the background,
  • Listen to audio recordings of other users,
  • Receive instant message notifications,
  • Create communities or join existing ones,
  • Use for easy communication with friends around the world,
  • Find people with similar interests online and make new acquaintances,
  • Receive information about guests – users who viewed your profile,
  • Log in to Odnoklassniki for free on a computer without using a browser,
  • Look for your friends, colleagues and just acquaintances with whom you once lost contact.


  • Simple editing of personal data,
  • News feed with many filters,
  • Successfully implemented music player,
  • Individual and group private chats,
  • Basic control of mice and keyboard,
  • Regular automatic updates,
  • A large number of interesting thematic groups,
  • Customize the application menu (panel at the bottom or at the top),
  • All the features of the mobile version are available on the computer,
  • The most convenient and pleasant, intuitive interface,
  • Calendar of important events, upcoming holidays and current events,
  • Convenient and functional client of one of the most popular social networks in the CIS countries.


  • Only an ad blocker saves you from the abundance of ads in the application.
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