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ooVoo is a client program for virtual communication. The service is used for instant messaging and video conferencing.

Features of ooVoo

  • Ability to make voice calls in video mode,
  • Recording of conversations,
  • Creating video messages, adding video effects,
  • Exchange of test messages,
  • Data transfer,
  • Conference mode with users and non-residents of the program.


  • The computer is not a smart host,
  • The program is configured automatically in most cases,
  • Communication with several subscribers at the same time,
  • Communication with people on whose PC the program is not installed,
  • Compatible with PC, Windows, IOS and Mac devices.


  • In the free version – banner advertising, in the paid version – the cost,
  • There is no way to connect a third-party plugin to the program,
  • There are no emoticons in the text chat.
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