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Open Hardware Monitor is a program for monitoring the hardware components of a PC or laptop. The collected data is displayed in a single tree-like list. Allows you to timely identify the unstable operation of the installed device and prevent its possible failure.

Features of Open Hardware Monitor

  • Displays the RAM load level,
  • Detects the degree of wear of iron,
  • Determination of occupied space on HDD and SSD,
  • Fan speed measurement,
  • Shows the current frequency and temperature of the CPU and GPU,
  • Providing detailed information about the equipment.


  • System tray integration,
  • Small installation file size,
  • Quick launch of the main window of the utility,
  • Open source,
  • Data on the minimum and maximum temperatures of the motherboard bridges,
  • Tracking various indicators of the operation of components in the background,
  • The new version of Open Hardware Monitor Beta supports Windows from XP to 8.1 and 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).


  • There is no Russian localization of the interface,
  • There are no software updates from the official website of the developer.
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