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Open Server contains a powerful package of server software components necessary for debugging or creating your sites. The software has a multilingual interface and can be run from a flash drive or CD/DVD. There is a convenient control system from the command line.

OpenServer Features

  • Built-in graphics and text editor,
  • Works as a server in local or global networks,
  • Quick access to domains from the context menu,
  • Mounting a virtual disk,
  • Debugging scripts using different versions of PHP and DBMS modules,
  • The latest version of Open Server integrates into the Windows system tray,
  • A portable environment can be run from removable media,
  • Displays the speed of connection to the Internet,
  • Compatibility with browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera,
  • A rich set of tools for creating websites,
  • It is possible to work on a local/network/external IP address,
  • SSL support without any additional settings,
  • Contains Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Imagick and so on databases.


  • Availability of FileZilla FTP server,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Creating a domain by creating a regular folder,
  • There is a useful tab ‘my sites and local networks’,
  • Integrated download manager,
  • Simultaneous work with Denwer and Xampp,
  • Support for Cyrillic domains,
  • Server protection with login and password,
  • Built-in HTTP, MySQL, PHP modules,
  • A tool for arranging domain pointers,
  • Quick start and stop of different scripts,
  • Convenient desktop, customizable control panel,
  • A large amount of reference information on the official website of the developer,
  • Compatibility of the new version of Open Server with Windows XP and above.


  • The process of creating a local server takes some time,
  • You may need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ package,
  • Rare Open Server crashes when running on Win Vista (32 bit).
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