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Opera GX is a fast and convenient browser with many useful features for gamers. It contains a huge database of games, supports streaming, integrates with popular instant messengers, monitors the quality of the network, and can configure the distribution of RAM and CPU resources.

Features Opera GX

  • The presence of a news feed with releases and novelties of the game world,
  • The GX Control function can keep the browser open when you play,
  • Displays detailed information about the system requirements of a particular game,
  • Means of messaging in social networks VKontakte, Facebook, Telegram, etc.,
  • Gamers will be able to watch their favorite channels on Twitch and host their own streams,
  • Opening an unlimited number of windows, watching videos over running tabs,
  • Allows you to choose how much CPU and RAM resources the web browser will consume (you can limit or exceed the limit).


  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS,
  • Low consumption of computer resources,
  • Setting hot keys on the keyboard,
  • Adjustment of sound and animation effects,
  • The Opera GX browser for Windows contains a free VPN,
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the creators,
  • Provides high performance and smooth Internet surfing,
  • The functionality is aimed at both gamers and ordinary users.


  • Cannot be used on Windows Vista.
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