Opera Mail download free from Windows

Opera Mail

Opera Mail is a time-tested email client created by a well-known company on the World Wide Web. The program allows you to send and view e-mail with minimal traffic loss.

Features of Opera Mail

  • Having the option to import all emails from the server,
  • Mode of fast reading and sending letters,
  • The client synchronizes multiple user mailboxes at once,
  • There is a convenient offline mode for viewing letters,
  • All mail is sorted in chronological order,
  • The ability to put marks on letters (important, personal, and so on).


  • There is a Russian-language design,
  • Fairly simple and user-friendly interface,
  • High speed of work,
  • The mail client can be downloaded for free,
  • Real traffic savings.


  • At the very end of the email, the program will add an inscription of an advertising nature,
  • There may be failures when registering an account for working with e-mail.
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