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Origin is a program for storing and running any Electronic Arts games on various computers. This client provides the means to maintain your content within the cloud storage. If you have changed your computer, you can easily load your saves with already completed locations and tasks.


  • Storage of data and saves of various computer games in the cloud,
  • In the built-in chat, you can communicate with other users,
  • There is a function of broadcasting screen images in real time,
  • Any modern Windows system is supported, including 8, 10,
  • Automatic work with applications and the ability to pre-order the game through Origin for Windows.


  • Quality tech. support of the official website of the company Electronic Arts,
  • Server scanner for auto-updates on every launch,
  • Quick chat option with your comrades during a multiplayer game,
  • Simple and clear Russian-language interface Origin Download Manager,
  • Comfortable launch of the boot manager from the desktop or in auto mode,
  • Synchronization with iOS, Windows, Xbox Live devices,
  • Facebook account integration with Origin Client on PC,
  • Watching and discussing video broadcasts of video game gameplay in real time,
  • The digital distribution client offers a fairly large selection of games for popular operating systems.


  • Origin works only with products from EA corporation (Battlefield, Sims, Fifa, Dragon Age series, etc.), so you won’t be able to try out any game,
  • After downloading content through the utility, it is impossible to launch it without the help of the Origin client,
  • An Origin store account is required to purchase games on the platform, as well as to install the update.
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