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Oscar Editor is a special software for customizing the control buttons of the A4Tech X7 gaming mouse. It does not require knowledge of programming languages ​​from the user, removes any manufacturer restrictions, allowing you to run your own macros.

Opportunities Oscar Editor X7

  • Change the color of the cursor on the screen,
  • Support for branded mice of the X7 series,
  • Option to speed up scrolling with the wheel,
  • Activation of a given action with one click,
  • Adjustment of indicators of sensitivity of a mouse,
  • Reveals the full potential of the manipulator in games,
  • Quick and convenient saving of user settings to the archive,
  • You can set your own combinations through the script editor to reveal all the possibilities of the mouse.


  • The presence of instructions for beginners,
  • Software is automatically updated by developers,
  • Convenient context menu and interpreter window,
  • DPI tool to change LED color,
  • Works great with all versions of Microsoft Windows,
  • Support for vertical and horizontal mouse gestures,
  • You can set a certain sequence of actions in the memory of the manipulator,
  • Access to the Scrit Editor X7 service for sharing thematic scenarios between gamers.


  • There may be errors when saving Oscar Mouse Editor scenarios for X-710H and X-710BH USB models.
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