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The Paint 3D app on PC allows you to create in all dimensions and from any angle. Creating 3D images has never been so easy! Unleash your creativity with the classic drawing and image editing tool!

Features of Paint 3D

  • Create 3D shapes, models, images and text,
  • Quickly share finished works created by three-dimensional objects with friends on social networks,
  • Set parameters for brushes, markers, pencils: type, line thickness, color, and also make relief strokes,
  • Draw vector objects up to 5 points,
  • View all your actions using the program menu ‘Journal’ and, if desired, you can record a video that teaches a mini course,
  • Complete images with stickers: glasses, hats, sweets, emoticons, hearts, etc.,
  • Change the colors and direction of lighting from the ‘Effects’ section,
  • Change the size of the canvas,
  • Apply a transparent background in the process of creating drawings with three-dimensional graphics,
  • Find the required image templates in the Remix 3D gallery using your Microsoft account, and also share your creations there,
  • Paste the contents of the clipboard into the open file and, accordingly, cancel the actions taken,
  • Create 3D sketches, while using the filter to change the surface properties: matte, gloss … Also, at your discretion, you can set the shape of the edges: sharp or soft,
  • Create 3D objects from ordinary 2D images, after which they can be printed on a 3D printer,
  • Save and export finished projects,
  • Turn individual parts of the composition into three-dimensional objects,
  • Change the appearance of the text added to the composition, using additional settings for the font, shade, etc.


  • Support for printing on a 3D printer,
  • The interface of the program has been significantly changed. Now it is more stylish, but at the same time easy to use,
  • Simple and intuitive main menu controls,
  • Work has been done on adapting Paint for tablet PCs,
  • The range of offered ready-made two-dimensional figures has significantly increased, there are three-dimensional models,
  • Working with 3D shapes is much easier than in any other editors,
  • The standard software toolkit package has been substantially redesigned,
  • For greater ease of use, the program is fully translated into Russian,
  • To save finished works, a wide selection of the most common formats is available: .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .fbx, .3fm, etc.,
  • Ability to download the Paint 3D graphics editor directly from the Windows Store,
  • The new version of the Paint 3D program for a computer with Windows 10 is preinstalled software. It is available to users of previous modifications of 64-bit Windows absolutely free of charge.


  • Limited choice of textures.
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