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Paint Tool SAI 2 is one of the most popular graphic editors for creating anime and manga comics. Includes many brushes and pencils, as well as a large number of filters and special effects. Supports work with layers, raster and vector graphics.

Features Paint Tool SAI 2

  • Available control using hot keys,
  • Opening files from Adobe Photoshop and Easy Paint Tool SAI,
  • Ability to connect additional brushes and textures,
  • Functional palette with color mixing function,
  • Eyedropper for easy gradient selection in SAI2,
  • Export / import formats JPEG, PNG, BMP, TGA and so on,
  • Full support for graphics tablets with pen pressure sensor,
  • Saving materials to the specified directory on the hard disk of the computer,
  • The second version of PaintTool SAI contains many new drawing and editing tools.


  • Fast installation process,
  • Low consumption of RAM,
  • Russian interface language, simple operation,
  • Manual customization of the drawing toolbar,
  • Creation of Japanese animation in high quality,
  • Supports lasso selection and curly selection, magic wand mode,
  • The user of the Paint Tool Sai 2 application gets a lot of built-in effects for drawings, shapes, brushes and markers,
  • The official website of the developer regularly updates the software,
  • The drawing program retained all the best qualities of the old version – the first Sai,
  • Compatibility of the new version of the program with Windows 8, 8.1, 10.


  • Some menu items are in English,
  • Errors are possible when using the ‘ballpoint pen’ option,
  • The full version of Paint Tool SAI 2.0 was provided with more functionality.
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