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Paint Tool SAI is a good graphics editor capable of creating wonderful digital paintings as well as illustrations. It is worth noting that the application supports a graphics tablet, which will obviously appeal to users whose work is related to art and design activities. The developers have managed to implement in SAI, an innovative technology that provides image smoothing, that is, in the event of an error during the drawing, you do not need to start all over again. There is an impressive set of tools and additional options.

Features of PaintTool SAI

  • Convenient hot keys implemented similar to Adobe Photoshop,
  • Support for raster, vector graphics,
  • Ability to add color transparency settings,
  • There is support for a graphics tablet,
  • The presence of a large number of brushes, textures, as well as other digital drawing tools,
  • Compatible with Windows OS versions 98-10,
  • It is possible to work with layers and adjust the textures of the canvas,
  • Sai supports working with several running documents at once,
  • Saving and editing popular graphic formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP and PSD,
  • Developer Systemax has implemented several different drawing modes.


  • Created specifically for illustrators in the style of anime, manga,
  • Built-in graphics tablet support,
  • A variety of tools for creating drawings (brushes, pencils, etc.), the ability to customize them,
  • A fairly convenient utility interface, made in Russian,
  • Not the highest system requirements compared to competitors, low consumption of RAM,
  • There is a light version of Easy Paint Tool SAI, which is characterized by a higher speed,
  • Good optimization performance with Windows XP and Windows 7, as well as compatibility with Vista,
  • SAI is a graphics editor capable of working with an infinite number of layers,
  • Unique image smoothing technology.


  • You can download Paint Tool Sai for free for only 31 days in a trial version, after which you will need to purchase a license.
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