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The Pale Moon web browser is based on the Firefox Mozilla browser. According to experts, the speed of surfing the Internet increases by 25% against the background of Mozilla, while reducing the load on the RAM of your computer.

Features Pale Moon

  • Integrated security system like in Firefox,
  • The new version of the Pale Moon program received a tool for high-speed rendering of pages and script processing,
  • Activation of intuitive search in the Pale Moon address bar,
  • Support for HTML5, CSS3, WEBGL, as well as SVG, Canvas and WOFF,
  • The presence of a pleasant user interface with many settings,
  • Scroll options to set,
  • Pale Moon has a ‘parental control’ feature,
  • Effective work with volumetric vector graphics,
  • Built-in synchronization function with an existing FF profile.


  • Convenient search engine, option to preview tabs during switching,
  • Work with 32 and 64 bit platforms,
  • Variety of downloadable fonts,
  • Firefox add-ons and extensions can be installed,
  • High file download speed,
  • Antivirus scanning of download files,
  • It is convenient to save bookmarks, passwords, history in Pale Moon,
  • Proper optimization and full compatibility of the Pale Moon browser with Windows 8 and Windows 10,
  • Comfortable controls,
  • Ability to download Pale Moon Portable,
  • Minimum possibility of failures and errors.


  • PaleMoon is not supported on the XP operating system,
  • The need for a modern PC processor,
  • Russifier Pale Moon is installed separately, the regular language pack does not provide for Russian.
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