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Pandora Recovery is a free program whose main purpose is to recover files on a computer with a 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system. This program recovers any deleted data after emptying the recycle bin, either without moving it to the recycle bin using the Shift + Delete key combination, or by deleting it from the command line.

Features of Pandora Recovery

  • recovery of lost data as a result of removal or damage to the media,
  • viewing deleted graphic and text files without their recovery,
  • search for files in the hierarchy of remote and existing directories,
  • recover any deleted files on your computer.


  • free license (Pandora Recovery can be downloaded for free),
  • multilingual interface (including in Russian)
  • the ability to scan the surface of the hard drive,
  • recovery of archive, system, encrypted, hidden and compressed files,
  • very simple interface,
  • evaluating the success of file recovery,
  • restore files to a network, local or removable disk drive.


  • mandatory installation on a hard drive,
  • only 32 bit OS architecture is supported,
  • it is impossible to recover long-deleted files.
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