PascalABC.NET download free from Windows

Pascal ABC.NET is a free system for teaching Pascal programming. Includes elements of all modern languages ​​Delphi, Visual Basic.NET, C++ and others.

Features of PascalABC.NET

  • Built-in code hints,
  • Compatibility with Delphi and Free Pascal,
  • Function of syntax highlighting in various colors,
  • Modules, generic classes, and dynamic arrays are supported,
  • A large amount of training information in the ‘Help’ section,
  • Pascal ABC version updates from the official site,
  • Exception handling, operator overloading, garbage collection,
  • Ability to use elements of refactoring,
  • The console compiler works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS,
  • The presence of the Programming Taskbook section with ready-made tasks,
  • Parallel programming tools with OpenMP directives,
  • Powerful and efficient development environment based on the Microsoft.Net platform.


  • Work in the WDE web environment,
  • Text formatting on request,
  • There are pop-up hints,
  • Transition to the definition and implementation of the subprogram,
  • Means of processing documenting comments,
  • High speed of processing operations,
  • NET Framework Integrated Environment,
  • Using blocks of raster and vector graphics,
  • OS support from Vista and XP to Windows 10,
  • There is a built-in debugger and form editor,
  • Russian interface language, convenient operation,
  • Effective teaching of the basics of the Pascal ABC programming language.


  • The presence of more functional analogues.
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