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Pattern Maker is a computer program designed to create, edit and view electronic cross stitch patterns. Your creativity is no longer limited to ready-made patterns and cross-stitch kits, because Pattern Maker will help you transfer literally any image onto the canvas – photos from the family archive, your favorite pictures from the Internet, and even paintings by great painters!

Features of Pattern Maker

  • Specify any number of colors, size and type of stitches,
  • Choose the width of the finished scheme in crosses or centimeters,
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation of the image to be imported,
  • Choose a brand of floss (colors of all well-known thread manufacturers are presented: PNK named after Kirov, Danish Flower Thread, DMC, Riolis, Caron Collection, etc.).


  • Automatic selection of the scheme height,
  • There are versions in Russian and English,
  • A simple and easy-to-use program for needlewomen,
  • Creation, opening and editing schemes with .xsd extension,
  • Ability to switch from color scheme to black and white symbolic,
  • Multiassembly – you can choose one of several available versions of the program
  • There is a portable version that does not require installation (to run from a flash drive or other portable media at print service points, etc.).


  • Sometimes for a successful installation, you have to turn off the antivirus program and close the browsers on the computer,
  • Each random mouse click on the pattern changes/adds a stitch without confirmation, thereby breaking the pattern (if this happens, close the program without saving changes and start again).
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