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PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator designed to run PS2 games on computers running Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Supports various gamepads, includes tools for optimizing and accelerating games for weak PCs.

Features of PCSX2

  • A large number of games from the PlayStation,
  • Data backup function,
  • Full support for gamepads and joysticks,
  • Built-in patch system for creating easy cheats in PCSX2,
  • When working with the PCSX2 game emulator, a convenient settings window opens,
  • Adjusts the frame rate per second when transferring an image.


  • Quick saving of settings,
  • Regular PCSX2 updates from the developer,
  • The emulator supports game images (CDVD, ISO),
  • Compatibility of the new version of PCSX2 PlayStation Emulator PS2 with Windows XP and above.


  • English interface language,
  • Some games do not run on weak PCs,
  • There are paid commercial products on the market.
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