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The program will help to generate and send the necessary images for printing. You can process both your own images and a variety of third-party images. A convenient program will help you achieve the desired results in just a couple of minutes, unlike competitors, there is a choice of any type of documents. During the preparation of photos, you can adjust the background, format and print sheet, eliminate defects and much more.

Features ID photo

  • The presence of a built-in editor with a specialized set of tools,
  • A lot of additional actions, changing clothes right within the application, which is remarkable against the background of analogues,
  • You can quickly print and save the material,
  • Control corners on the right and left in the pictures,
  • Monitor calibration option and photo feathering function,
  • Synchronization is possible directly with cameras and webcams,
  • Coloring the background of the image, the ability to add a suit, trim, replace with any color, the formation of sheet layouts,
  • Support for any document formats (internal, foreign passport, visas, certificates, passes, etc.).


  • Professional quality of the received content against the background of analogues,
  • There is a function of fast material processing,
  • Availability of ready-made layouts for comfortable work,
  • Sending for printing, setting the number of photos,
  • Wide range of built-in tools,
  • The new version has a portrait, landscape orientation of the content and a choice of photo corners,
  • A clear interface in Russian, the utility supports any current Windows system,
  • Saving finished images to computer memory.


  • In the full version of the utility, a wider range of features is available.
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