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Photoscape is an image editing program that will be an excellent assistant for beginners in the field of graphics processing. This is a whole package of certain editors and tools that perform a particular role. For example, viewing photos is carried out by a ‘viewer’ (from the English viewer – viewer), and you can apply effects, filters, blur in the editor. In the same place, photos are cropped, glued, scaled, etc. Distinguish between a regular editor and a batch editor. There are also tools for screen capture, GIF creation, and more.

Features of Photoscape

  • Create animated GIFs from multiple photos with the ability to adjust the tempo, looping, resizing, brightness, sharpness, etc.,
  • Functions for editing and viewing photos using a separate ‘viewer’,
  • “gluing” or arranging several images into one whole, for example, in the form of a tile or other patterns,
  • Layout in a simple vertical or horizontal position,
  • Printing finished works or/and other photos, sending to social networks,
  • The main features of the program include dividing a photo into several parts, a large number of filters, screen capture,
  • Convert RAW, JPG, GIF files and more.


  • Distributed as a free program from the official site,
  • Batch processing of materials,
  • A set of tools includes adding text, working with layers, filters for cropping a portrait in whole and in parts
  • Translated interface in Russian,
  • There are many different functions in your control: from removing the red-eye effect and changing the contrast or color saturation to creating slideshows and animated files,
  • Pleasant and clear interface with a built-in explorer, tabs and a ‘tool bar’.


  • The latest version of the program did not receive proper optimization with Windows 10,
  • The application accesses various sites only using Internet Explorer, despite the fact that a different browser is set by default.
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