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Picasa is free software for viewing and editing digital photos. Created in 2002 and acquired in 2004 by giant Google, Picasa is integrated with most of the company’s services: Blogger, Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, as well as its own photo hosting – Picasa’s web album.

Features of Picasa

  • The ability to download Picasa for free on our or official website,
  • the presence of automatic indexing of photos on the hard drive of the computer,
  • the program can record geodata (coordinates),
  • huge opportunities for photo editing: retouching, cropping, alignment,
  • the presence of various effects,
  • the ability to print photos,
  • sending photos by e-mail,
  • publishing a photo on a blog,
  • creating splash screens,
  • automatic saving of the original photo in a hidden folder.


  • Absolutely free program in Russian,
  • integrated with Google services,
  • the ability to create collages,
  • creating slideshow screensavers,
  • sorting visual albums,
  • creating backup copies of the original images.


  • Inability to view multi-page TIFF files,
  • inability to view GIFs,
  • inability to create ‘nested’ albums,
  • sorting photos not by name.
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