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Picsart Photo Lab is a multifunctional semi-professional photo editor with a huge set of tools. You can carry out almost any manipulation with a photo in it – from light color correction and creating collages to adding unique effects and author’s drawings. And best of all, you can install Picsart on your Windows PC, laptop, from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 or tablet, meaning you can use it on any available device!

Features of PicsArt for PC

  • Use to create collages,
  • Edit photos with different brushes,
  • Decorate pictures with stickers, add frames,
  • Animate a picture, overlay GIFs on a photo,
  • Create your own filters and save them in the database,
  • Rotate the image, crop, correct perspective,
  • Edit photos for social networks as quickly as possible,
  • Combine several pictures into a collage and arrange them in the optimal order,
  • Apply various ready-made filters and templates, magical effects for pictures for free,
  • Upload the processed photo to the cloud storage Dropbox, Yandex, send via SMS and e-mail.


  • Clear simple interface, nice design,
  • Correction of photographs with ‘runaway focus’,
  • Transformation of human faces into animal muzzles,
  • Work with all popular image formats,
  • Changing background screensavers, applying double exposure,
  • Automatic updates (can be disabled if desired),
  • Drawing tools with a full range of colors,
  • Full functionality for professional photo processing,
  • Built-in camera with delayed start and burst shooting functions,
  • Application of one of 15 free all kinds of effects in one click,
  • The ability to view the work of other people in real time,
  • Share function for social networks Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Google+,
  • Ample opportunities for self-expression of creative people in the Pixart community,
  • Built-in store with access to a huge number of additional filters.


  • A large number of pop-up ads and a banner that steals part of the workspace,
  • Availability of paid content available for download from the official website.
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