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Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW is not just another version of the game based on the famous pirate movie saga, but an extraordinary game project with thoughtful gameplay and gorgeous visual performance, which has already been appreciated by millions of fans around the world. Exciting battles on land, on water and under water, fast-paced sword fights and hand-to-hand fights, sparkling jokes and the indescribable atmosphere of the golden age of piracy are waiting for you.

Features of Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW for PC

  • Take enemy teams to board,
  • Sell ​​the built pirate ship,
  • Hide treasures and artifacts in a cave,
  • Rob merchant ships and destroy enemy ships,
  • Become the captain of a pirate ship and manage a huge fleet,
  • Explore completely new corners on the map of the Caribbean archipelago,
  • Arrange land possessions: build a powder warehouse, a sawmill,
  • Create a powerful alliance with other players from the most desperate pirates,
  • Organize the capture of Mermaid Island and participate in the Battle of Death Bay,
  • Improve the skills of unique fencing techniques with swords, shooting from cannons and controlling various types of weapons.


  • Free registration,
  • Great animation,
  • Beautiful diverse locations,
  • Addictive RPG game,
  • Russian and English interface languages,
  • The gameplay includes building elements,
  • Battles with several opponents at the same time,
  • Exciting pirate adventure on the big screen,
  • 13 characters: brave men and beautiful women, experienced assassins and young thugs.


  • There is no voice acting for dialogues – only subtitles,
  • There are problems with entering the game regardless of the stability of the Internet connection.
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