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Pirate Treasures is a match 3 game for Windows. An exciting, breathtaking treasure-hunting sea adventure awaits you. Explore the ancient map to find all chests with diamonds!


  • Get gifts (bonuses, boosters) every day,
  • Compete with friends after free registration through social networks,
  • Try your luck: spin the wheel of fortune and choose a chest with a prize at random,
  • Connect parts with a simple swipe across the screen of your mobile or tablet,
  • Enjoy truly high-quality bright graphics and epic background music,
  • Play with the whole family: the pirate-themed storyline is designed for any audience,
  • Earn coins and buy useful tools (hammer, lightning, tornado) for play money or real money, which will help you complete the game faster.


  • For each loss, a life is removed, which takes time to recover.
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