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PixBuilder Studio is a graphic editor for editing digital photos using simple filters and drawing tools. Here you can slightly change the color balance or cut or blur the object you need in the image. Nothing special stands out from other similar programs – all the same simplicity, familiar tools on the side, layer windows, palettes, action histories, and so on. In general, another small copy of Adobe Photoshop, albeit shareware.

Features of PixBuilder Studio

  • Working with layers,
  • Changing brightness, contrast,
  • Gradient masks can be used,
  • Image resizing,
  • Working with color channels,
  • Multi-level rollback, allowing you to restore your project to its original form,
  • Flexible selection, transformation of certain areas or objects.


  • Built-in blur effects, filters, dithering,
  • Working with PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, TGA, ICO, PSD graphic formats, as well as association of the program with them,
  • Hotkey support,
  • Interface in Russian.


  • Errors or distortion occur when opening CMYK images,
  • Limited tools, no professional results.
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