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In the world of pixel art games, the next addition – meet Pixel Gun 3D on Windows. Create your own unique character, fight against friends and other players online, expand your arsenal of weapons and be on top!


  • There is the possibility of creating a clan,
  • 35 game cards of various locations are available,
  • Bright and high-quality pixel HD graphics,
  • The game has a chat for easy communication with friends and players,
  • Morale-boosting sound effects and immersive soundtrack,
  • Easily and quickly add other players to your friends list, where their achievements and more will be displayed,
  • A large number of weapons, more than 100 types: Stinger, Tesla Generator, M16 combat rifle, Magic Wand, Royal revolver, etc.,
  • A wide variation of customizing your character, changing the appearance of the main character using the built-in skin editor,
  • Multiple online game modes – 6: Deathmatch, Capture Points, Classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Co-op Time Attack and Capture the Flag.


  • Many cheaters,
  • The balance is broken,
  • There is a donat – play store:
  • The application contains advertising content,
  • Numerous lags after recent updates,
  • The character control in the game is pretty jerky,
  • Completely inconvenient new weapon upgrade system,
  • After reinstalling the app, everything drops to 0: level, weapons…
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