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Plague Inc: Evolved is an unusual and exciting strategy from the Ndemic Creations studio about creating unique viruses. You have to spread deadly diseases that can infect and destroy humanity in any part of the globe.

Plague Inc: Evolved features

  • The game has to fight against competing infections,
  • You can take screenshots and record gameplay on video,
  • High level of AI complexity, many different scenarios,
  • Single player or multiplayer with other users,
  • Tools for studying DNA, symptoms, discovering skills and finds,
  • The ability to observe how the virus affects the genetic parameters of the body,
  • Various types of infections: a strain of swine flu, plague, zombies and so on,
  • The ability to create the most pathogenic virus in the game, which is quickly infected and cannot be resisted,
  • There are Plague versions for iOS and Windows mobile platforms, as well as Sony Playstation 3 and Xbox One consoles.


  • Realistic physics and mechanics,
  • Does not require registration and activation,
  • Nothing is cut or recoded,
  • Integration with the Steam Game Center service,
  • Exciting gameplay,
  • Intuitive Russian-language interface,
  • Interesting hyper-realistic story trailer,
  • High-quality 3D details and textures,
  • Includes genres Strategy, Real-time Simulation, Arcade,
  • The publisher has added Plague Whilst Adapting Everything, Global Pathogen, Unique Zero Humanity.


  • Lack of voice acting and subtitles,
  • There may be conflicts with the Freedom cracker,
  • The full game Plague Inc: Evolved 2016 PC contains paid content.
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