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In the sequel to the legendary game Plants vs. Zombies 2, you will find fantastic locations, new plants and types of zombies. This time, the unpredictable Dave will draw you into an even more dangerous and strange adventure, filled, according to tradition, with the attacks of the living hungry dead.


  • An exciting arcade game with easy-to-learn gameplay,
  • The main levels of the game are supplemented with a bonus package with unique gameplay,
  • Zombie home defense culminates in each world with an epic battle against Zomboss
  • New types of living dead and different plants, unusual locations (ancient worlds, the future, etc.),
  • Addictive gameplay is filled with a frenetic mix of comic elements and classic horror,
  • In the new part, you can not only plant new types of plants, but also grow plants with super-powers: various bonuses turn them into fighter soldiers for a while.


  • It is difficult to open access to new worlds: you have to go through the levels again to get points, or pay real money.
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