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Plants vs. Zombies Free is an arcade game with a post-apocalyptic story that has been one of the most popular Windows games for almost ten years. And if for some reason you still haven’t met the company of warrior plants and jolly walking dead, it’s time to fix it immediately.


  • 50 levels in three locations in the game mode ‘Adventure’ are supplemented with a bonus quick game,
  • Exciting gameplay: you have to defend against hordes of zombies to protect the house,
  • Bright colorful cartoon graphics in the game – an original and fresh solution for a post-apocalyptic story,
  • Great strategy: think about which specific types of 49 plants you need to resist the invasion of 26 types of zombies.


  • Sometimes progress disappears after the update,
  • Long loading on many tablets and smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s,
  • There is no localized version of the game. Wetting zombies will work without knowledge of a foreign language, but Russian-speaking users will not be able to study the almanac with a description of the types of zombies and plants, as well as appreciate the humor in the dialogues.
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