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Computer game Point Blank is a multiplayer and dynamic online first-person shooter. Develop your hero at your own discretion, participate in daily tournaments, make new friends and get real pleasure from the game.


  • PvE missions with bosses,
  • The gameplay of the game is just great,
  • The online shooter is built on a free-to-play model,
  • More than 10 game modes: meat grinder, team fights…,
  • Developed system of clans and introduced a table of their rating,
  • The game introduces an advanced character development system,
  • Powerful clan competitions, like in the good old Counter Strike,
  • There are already 70+ cards available and their number is increasing with each update,
  • In addition to general matches in the game, you can buy an additional mission for real money, with an individual set of tasks,
  • Various Point Blank tournaments are held daily, thematic events to support cybersport discipline,
  • The player is offered the opportunity to test his strength for both sides of the coin: a capture group and a terrorist organization,
  • To develop the character in the game, there are 7 professions to choose from: sniper, attack aircraft, raider, machine gunner, engineer, demolitionist and saboteur,
  • Huge selection of weapons (500+) with unique stats and designs: Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD), pistols, assault rifles, melee weapons, bombs and grenades.


  • To enjoy a full-fledged gaming process, you must have a stable Internet connection,
  • The project wanders from publisher to publisher: Point Blank was developed by Zepetto, NCsoft, Infinity Games, and is now available on the official Fogame website.
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