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The Polyglot VKontakte application is an alternative to the official client of the popular social network, devoid of such a significant drawback as advertising.

Possibilities Polyglot VKontakte

  • Stealth mode for those who want to go unnoticed,
  • Offline mode, for saving and viewing both your own and friends’ albums and photos in the device’s memory,
  • Multi-account – it is now possible to connect several accounts to one application, Bulk deletion of groups, friends, subscriptions, messages and even posts on the wall,
  • Like center, for cheating reposts of your posts, photos and even subscribers without violating VK rules,
  • Multi-colored themes and backgrounds:
  • Access to all conversation materials in one click.


  • Prevent your friends and family from accessing private information with two-factor authentication app login confirmation via SMS,
  • Convenient dialogs, chats, and attachments are immediately displayed in correspondence: bookmarks, documents, photos, videos,
  • Applications for Windows helps to surf the social network anonymously
  • No ads and in-app purchases,
  • Removing groups directly from the list.


  • Listening to your favorite songs using VKontakte music is not available, as well as watching videos,
  • You cannot see guests on your page, since this is impossible in principle.
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