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Portal 2 is a real masterpiece of the gaming industry in the genre of puzzles with action elements. Help the robot, which has come out of a long suspended animation sleep, to learn the technology of portals and pass all the tests of a mad supercomputer.

Portal 2 Features

  • Convenient camera with a first-person view,
  • A large number of different levels,
  • The presence of a single game and a cooperative mode,
  • Study of different parts of the laboratory,
  • Can control two robots,
  • The development of modules of the personality of the protagonist is available,
  • Various beautiful videos for the game from Valve,
  • Advanced system of interaction with the outside world,
  • The ability to instantly move to different places using portals.


  • Fascinating gameplay,
  • There are English and Russian interface languages,
  • Develops logical thinking and ingenuity,
  • Opportunity to master new test rooms,
  • Lots of riddles, jokes and bold experiments,
  • One of the best representatives of the Logic, 3D, 1st Person genre,
  • Valve Software developers have created an engaging storyline,
  • There are DLC Peer Review and Perpetual Testing Initiative (additions),
  • Various bonuses increase speed and increase the range of jumps,
  • There is a single player mode and co-op, which provides the opportunity to play for two.


  • Rare slowdowns in the process of loading a location,
  • Installation time can take up to several hours,
  • The original version of the Portal game does not have Russian voice acting.
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