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The Koeniger developer took a very responsible approach to creating the PowerOff utility, which is responsible for automatically shutting down the computer. PowerOff can interrupt Internet connections, has a built-in diary, which contains a timer for shutting down and launching arbitrary applications.


  • Adjusting the computer system to several types of timers,
  • Convenient program for managing computer power,
  • Disabling applications and the PC itself at a specified time,
  • Hotkeys for remote control
  • Sleep mode for a specified time period
  • Ability to turn off the computer according to the schedule,
  • Interface language Russian,
  • Availability of full-fledged functioning with Windows XP, Vista,
  • Built-in task scheduler that facilitates the implementation of certain actions.


  • The ability to change the color tone and the appearance of the timer,
  • There is a standby mode, useful in certain situations,
  • The official website of the developer constantly updates the utility,
  • You can download PowerOff absolutely free of charge,
  • Ability to manage computer power,
  • The computer shutdown timer is optimized for Windows 7 and other OS versions,
  • Emergency shutdown/reboot of the user PC,
  • External design of the menu in Russian.


  • The utility is still under development, so there is not critical, but excessive CPU usage,
  • There are completely unnecessary options.
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