Process Explorer download free from Windows

Process Explorer

Process Explorer displays data about running application processes on the PC. All information is provided in real time, and any process can be analyzed in detail for the use of system resources.

Features of Process Explorer

  • A list is displayed to the user, including information about the loaded processes.
  • There is a convenient task manager.
  • Support utility Windows 7, as well as Windows 8 and older XP, Vista.
  • Reliable system for monitoring running processes.
  • Process Explorer is distributed free of charge.
  • A powerful utility has the ability to track the resources expended in the operating system.
  • Detection of various active processes in real time.
  • Well developed process management system.
  • Determines the amount of memory occupied, dynamic libraries loaded and registry keys by certain applications.


  • Great replacement for the standard dispatcher.
  • Shows detailed information about running processes, including real-time operation.
  • Excellent optimization with Windows 7, 8 as well as Windows XP.
  • The user always sees the memory usage of certain applications.
  • The application provides detailed information about the system of processes running in Windows OS.


  • There is no full-fledged Russian version of the interface implementation.
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