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Project Zomboid is a survival sandbox game with RPG elements in which you have to fight against hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. Surviving this apocalypse will be very difficult, so build shelters, set traps and use all kinds of weapons.

Project Zomboid features

  • Available game multiplayer with friends,
  • Many different monsters and dangers,
  • Developed character leveling system,
  • Realistically designed world around,
  • Collection of useful resources, construction of structures,
  • Addictive gameplay, many quests and interesting missions,
  • Text chat with other ProjectZomboid players is supported.


  • Quick search and connection to the server,
  • Integration with the Steam Game Community service,
  • Unlimited crafting opportunities by location,
  • Low load on computer or laptop resources,
  • The function of hiding the IP address in multi-user mode,
  • No end quest, just hang on for as long as you can,
  • Installation of add-ons Early Access Build 37.2, Zomboid Vehicles, Zombie Survival beta update, PZ Map, etc. is available.


  • No updates for Project Zomboid,
  • Rare failures when registering an account for a network game,
  • There is no voice acting, only musical accompaniment.
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