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Proxy Switcher Standard is a useful utility for finding, configuring and connecting to a proxy server. You will be able to visit any sites and services without worrying about regional restrictions and resource blocking by the provider.

Features of Proxy Switcher

  • Instant proxy removal function,
  • Changing settings in automatic mode,
  • Checks and shows the quality of the connection,
  • Support for web protocols FTP, SSL, Socks4,
  • Tools to block malicious sites,
  • It helps to download any web page, download a torrent, launch an online game, etc.


  • Low system requirements,
  • Displaying a list of proxies in a separate window,
  • Unlimited access to Internet resources,
  • Download various content with one click,
  • There is no need to configure the server manually,
  • Convenient control, built-in hint for beginners.


  • More options in Proxy Switcher Pro and Premium Version,
  • After 15 days of use, activation of the software product is required.
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