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PUBG Mobile for Windows is a large-scale multiplayer shooting game from the Tencent Games studio. Your goal is to be the only survivor on the island. Demonstrate your tactical skills, stock up on weapons and destroy other players.


  • Huge arsenal of weapons,
  • It is possible to create your own hero,
  • Various vehicles,
  • Convenient training system for beginners,
  • Up to a hundred players can participate on one map,
  • Close combat using melee weapons,
  • Online shooter allows you to team up with friends,
  • Regular updates of the application from the official website of the developer,
  • The ability to play PUBG Mobile on a computer using the BlueStacks emulator.


  • Realistic ballistics,
  • Battlefield and safe zone,
  • Atmospheric sound effects,
  • Authorization using login and password,
  • The shooter is based on the Unreal Engine,
  • Exciting gameplay,
  • Various sniper rifles and machine guns,
  • Tracking the location of teammates,
  • Beautiful three-dimensional graphics and high-quality animations,
  • Built-in voice chat to communicate with other gamers,
  • The mobile version of PUBG Mobile is compatible with Windows and iOS.


  • High system requirements,
  • Some menu items are in English,
  • The official version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds contains paid content,
  • Does not run on Windows devices with low RAM.
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