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Punto Switcher is a program for automatically switching keyboard layouts from Russian to English and vice versa. The change is carried out ‘on the fly’ in the background, which helps to increase the speed of writing text.

Features of Punto Switcher

  • Convenient operation – automatically switch the layout without user intervention,
  • Floating indicator showing the current language and layout change,
  • The Punto Switcher program contains several million frequently used combinations of letters, words, common typos:
  • There is a Russian – English translator, a large list of languages,
  • The latest version of Punto Switcher has received the addition of autocorrect templates,
  • Working with such Internet resources as Yandex, Wikipedia, various dictionaries and reference books,
  • Auto-correction auto-switching sound – can be disabled in the Punto Switcher settings,
  • Keeping a diary – a special archive of typed text, saving fragments to a file,
  • Working with the clipboard – pasting previously copied elements,
  • The ability to correct system key combinations and set your own combinations for greater convenience,
  • Any current operating system from Microsoft is supported, from Windows XP to Windows 10.


  • Increase the productivity and productivity of PC users with automatic error correction,
  • Automatic keyboard layout switching is absolutely free,
  • Switches keyboards automatically changing the already typed word, entering transliteration if necessary,
  • The possibilities are extensive, for example, Punto Switcher on Windows 10 captures the clipboard, showing its history and allowing you to paste previously copied objects,
  • Customizable hotkeys for increased control comfort, incl. the use of the win button is configured,
  • An impressive database of letters, words and numbers for autocorrect, constantly updated,
  • Floating language indicator – keyboard switch,
  • Ability to correct selected text,
  • The presence of a convertible mode in the clipboard,
  • There is an option to convert numbers,
  • Ability to convert case and transliteration, change keyboard layouts on the fly,
  • Low system requirements, takes up little hard disk space and only a couple of megabytes of RAM, support for all current versions of Windows,
  • Frequent automatic updates from the official website of the software manufacturer.


  • Minor glitches are possible when working with the Windows 8 operating system,
  • Errors are allowed when processing text within little-known applications, although exceptions can be set,
  • The application does not work correctly with all word forms, abbreviations, the algorithm sometimes uses autocorrect where it is not necessary, so you have to correct the typed manually.
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