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PyCharm is a Python IDE that contains a large collection of code editing tools. It features an advanced graphical debugger and advanced unit testing tools.

Features of PyCharm

  • Integration with Docker and Vagrant,
  • Available to work with databases,
  • Customizable interface color schemes,
  • Possibility of remote project development,
  • Automatic code checking for errors,
  • Fast switching between classes and methods,
  • Full support for Google App Engine, Pyramid, Web2py.


  • Built-in code analysis tools,
  • Convenient user interface,
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux,
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the developer,
  • Supports editing, debugging and testing Django and Flask templates,
  • The presence of a multifunctional code editor for JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS.


  • There is no Russian localization of the menu,
  • The free version of the program has received less functionality.
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