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QCAD is a powerful computer-aided design system designed to create two-dimensional drawings, plans, diagrams and complex diagrams. Includes a built-in set of more than 4,700 CAD parts, as well as about 60 tools for building and measuring drawings.

Features of QCAD

  • Import and export of any popular CAD files,
  • Working with layers, setting object bindings,
  • Convenient navigation elements, use of the command line,
  • The presence of a huge library with details, frames, fonts, etc.,
  • Allows you to create drawings of any complexity, including architectural, technical and engineering drawings.


  • Low system requirements,
  • Built-in drawing tools,
  • Working with bitmaps,
  • Compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bits,
  • There are versions of the application for Mac OS and Linux,
  • Customizable workspace windows and toolbars.


  • More features in the professional version of QCAD Community Edition,
  • Just 15 minutes of work in demo mode (then the utility closes and needs to be restarted).
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