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Qt Creator IDE is an integrated environment for developing QT applications in C, C++ and QML programming languages. It features a high-quality code debugger with syntax highlighting, allows you to create software for different systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and so on.

Features of Qt Creator

  • Built-in code editor,
  • Hotkeys available,
  • Installing the QT Maintenance Tool,
  • Create your own templates,
  • Fast and high-quality debugging of applications,
  • Developed tools for working with the QT framework,
  • Ability to develop a graphical interface in QT Designer,
  • Advanced help system for novice users.


  • Convenient syntax highlighting,
  • Customizable toolbar,
  • Adjustable editor window size,
  • Open source,
  • Ability to create a project for any OS,
  • Low requirements for computer resources,
  • Intuitive interface in Russian,
  • Integration with Visual Studio, QMake and CMake Autotools,
  • Compatibility of the new version of Qt Creator with Windows 10,
  • Support for cross-platform application development.


  • Rare crashes in the debugger interface for data from Qt containers.
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