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Quake 3 Arena is a cult multiplayer shooter video game. Released in 1999 by the popular company id Software. You can immerse yourself in the indescribable atmosphere of dynamic and furious gunfights, come off to the fullest and write out a couple of headshots to hated enemies.

Quake III Arena features

  • Several camera types,
  • New types of weapons and equipment,
  • Various locations on the map,
  • Processing console commands,
  • Uses id Tech game engine,
  • Convenient selection of the required server,
  • Arrangement of a bot of any level of complexity,
  • The full version of the game is compatible with Windows 7,
  • The presence of two modes: multiplayer and single passage.


  • Atmospheric game world,
  • High startup speed,
  • Availability of Capture Flag mode,
  • Simple and clear control,
  • Good soundtrack,
  • Small installation file size,
  • Quick save game progress,
  • Refers to the cult representatives of the shooter genre,
  • Sufficiently flexible settings for the Team Arena server.


  • Outdated graphics,
  • Locations limited in size,
  • No updates to the Quake game series from publisher Activision.
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