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Radmin VPN is a free, simple program for creating virtual private networks. Provides high connection speed, guarantees complete protection of transmitted data, has no restrictions on the number of networks and users.

Radmin VPN features

  • Allows you to create a secure VPN tunnel,
  • Access to a huge number of game servers,
  • Adding an unlimited number of users,
  • All data sent by your device will be protected,
  • Connects to PCs and laptops that do not have public IP addresses,
  • Stable operation, constantly high speed, reaching 100 Mbps,
  • Helps to unite distributed teams and solve various problems.


  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10,
  • Turning on and off by pressing one button,
  • You can configure the address and port of the proxy server,
  • The presence of a section with background information for beginners,
  • Included in the proprietary set of utilities Radmin Deployment,
  • Customizable user interface, Russian localization,
  • Automatic software updates from the official website of the developers,
  • Allows you to establish a remote connection with a computer, create a network folder.


  • Possible error ‘The remote host forcibly terminated the existing connection’ while playing Minecraft.
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