Radmin download free from Windows


Radmin is an interesting utility that can control a remote computer from a user’s PC. For optimal remote administration, you will need to be logged into the World Wide Web.

Radmin Features

  • Convenient interface for remote control,
  • Developer Famatech offers the highest level of security,
  • There are text and voice chat,
  • Any Windows operating system is supported,
  • Availability of technical support,
  • Using the usual graphical interface, support for multiple monitors of remote PCs is available,
  • Convenient control via keyboard and mouse from the user’s computer,
  • Ability to work on a local network.


  • Ability to remotely control computers,
  • There is a useful voice chat,
  • Availability of the option to exchange files between different computers,
  • Sufficiently loyal system requirements,
  • Remote PC desktop available,
  • There is a Russian interface language.


  • The remote control utility has only a free trial version,
  • Get access to the ‘gray’ ip-addresses will not work.
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