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RaidCall is a free voice communication program popular among professional gamers. Uses the Speex audio engine to improve call quality and reduce noise.

RaidCall Features

  • Transfer of program data to the cloud,
  • Allows you to quickly create your own communication channel,
  • Setting the role (powers) for the character in the group,
  • Instant text messaging and file exchange,
  • Automatic software updates from the official website,
  • Sending invitations to your friends on social networks,
  • The presence of a group voice chat while playing online,
  • Using UDP as a communication protocol.


  • High sound quality,
  • Russian interface language,
  • Extremely simple control,
  • Quick account creation,
  • There is no need to install a server,
  • The new version of RaidCall is compatible with Windows 8 (x32, x64) and above,
  • Low consumption of RAM and other computer resources,
  • Interface integration system for group communication in multiplayer games, without breaking away from the game process,
  • Fine-tuning privacy (assigning different permissions to members based on channels).


  • There is no video call function,
  • To start working with the application, you need to create an account,
  • At low Internet speeds, communication disruptions are possible with minimal audio delays and degraded audio quality.
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