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RAID: Shadow Legends is a fast-growing 3D RPG with addictive gameplay and a compelling storyline. The balance between good magic and dark forces was broken. Your hero will have to speak for the bright side and go on an incredibly dangerous journey.

RAID Features: Shadow Legends

  • Large-scale epic battles,
  • Records gameplay on video,
  • Dozens of different locations,
  • Availability of PvE and PvP arena modes,
  • Automatic download of new maps,
  • Manual setting of control keys,
  • Fine adjustment of the appearance of the hero,
  • Availability of the official Plarium Play Market,
  • Available to create factions and clans with other users,
  • You can pump the talents of the characters and improve their power parameters,
  • The application supports PC (Windows OS, Mac OS) and mobile devices (Windows, iOS),
  • Obtaining sets of power-ups, experience points, as well as increasing the rank and rating for completed tasks.


  • Small apk file size,
  • Addictive gameplay,
  • Realistic physics and mechanics,
  • Low system requirements,
  • High-quality animation effects,
  • Combines several popular genres,
  • Access to a guide to a mobile game and similar RPGs,
  • Quick installation and launch on a PC or smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7,
  • Convenient control with mouse and keyboard,
  • Passage of the campaign alone or in multiplayer,
  • Instructions for managing the game for beginners at the start,
  • The official site regularly updates the toy,
  • Quick account creation, complete confidentiality,
  • Conducting a battle in manual or automatic mode (button ‘Auto-battle’).


  • There is donation and paid content,
  • More features and options in the Collector’s Edition.
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